“How to create a LinkedIn profile that sells?”

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Key elements of your LinkedIn profile

It is not always easy to critically evaluate your profile. The e-book will guide you through the key steps of creating an efficient LinkedIn profile.

There is a netiquette for online contacts, including LinkedIn. Apart from being polite, it is important to bring the “WOW” effect factor to the people you invite to your network.


How to establish contacts efficiently?

Building a network that will offer you some real benefits in the form of requests for proposal or business offers does not need to be time-consuming. We know how to optimise the steps to achieve it.

Tips & hints

How to minimize time and boost results!

What is the reason for this e-book?

RobotIn uses the LinkedIn network to generate leads by using automation and sales experts’ knowledge.

We are continuously testing new solutions and expanding our sales know-how. Today we want to share it with you.



I never thought that making these adjustments to my profile would bring such great effects results! It’s much easier now to establish contacts. Thanks a lot!

New Business Manger

Emma Thornthon


As a freelancer, I am searching for potential new clients. This service is very useful.
I highly recommend it!


Oliver Lawson

Your LinkedIn profile can help sell

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RobotIn is a comprehensive service of automated lead generation on LinkedIn, supported by consultancy and support from sales marketing specialists.

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